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Pricing Updates: Introducing the New Business Plan

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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Storyblok is dedicated to empowering all teams to build modern content experiences across any digital channel. Effective October 16th, 2023, we continue these efforts by rolling out our new and improved pricing structure.

We’ve designed these updated plans to provide more flexibility, scalability, and resources to our 170,000+ users around the world. This includes the replacement of the Teams plan with the upgraded Business plan, designed to enable growing brands to scale their content with our extensive self-service offering. The Business plan has been specifically designed to support our customers so they can do more with increased resources and integrations.

Read on to learn more about these changes and what they’ll mean for Storyblok users.

Section titled Introducing the Business Plan

Storyblok users are creating advanced digital content experiences every day. With the new Business Plan, we’re making that process faster and easier than ever before with expanded features for easier scaling.

The Business plan comes with the highest number of users, content creation features, and eCommerce integrations in our self-service offerings. This should make it possible for growing business to build the best digital experiences without running into limitations.

For a full side-by-side comparison of each plan, please see our “Compare all features” section on our updated pricing page.

Business Plan Overview
FeaturesBusiness Plan
Users Included20
Content versioning60 days
Custom roles20
Custom metadata fields5
eCommerce integrationsShopify, Centra, Saleor
Max asset size1 GB
Price$849 / month or $778.25 / month (when paid annually)

Section titled Changes to the Community, Entry, and Enterprise(+) plans

In addition to the Business plan introduction, we’re also introducing resource upgrades to our Community, Entry, and Enterprise (+) plans to better serve our customers’ needs.

For more details, including a feature comparison table, please visit our updated pricing page.

Section titled Community

  • 100 content types and 100 components → 200 content types and components (combined)
  • 1 webhook → 3 webhooks
  • Max asset size: 75 MB → 500 MB
  • Price: Still free. Forever.

Section titled Entry

  • 200 content types and 200 components → 400 content types and components (combined)
  • 1 webhook → 3 webhooks
  • Max asset size: 75 MB → 500 MB
  • Price: $90.75 per month

Section titled Enterprise

  • 3 webhook → 8 webhooks
  • Max asset size: 250 MB → 5 GB
  • Price: $3,229 per month

Section titled Enterprise(+)

  • 5 webhooks → 15 webhooks
  • Max asset size: 250+ MB → 5 GB
  • Spaces included: 3+ → 5+
  • User seats included: 30 → 100
  • Monthly traffic included: 3 TB → 5 TB
  • Price: Contact sales

Section titled Summary

Storyblok’s new Business plan is designed to support self-service companies to create more groundbreaking digital experiences with fewer roadblocks. Users on the Community, Entry, Enterprise, and Enterprise(+) plans will also see increases in their resources and decreases in their limitations so they can continue to create create next-gen digital content for audiences around the world.

For a full overview of the Business plan and other price updates, please visit our updated pricing page.

Section titled FAQs

Why introduce the Business plan?
With the Business plan, we would like to improve the possibilities by which growing companies can scale their content. By offering a plan with an increased number of content features and ecommerce integrations, we believe this further helps these companies to grow their content with our self-service offerings.

What are the main benefits of the Business plan?
With the new Business plan, we aim to help growing businesses to further scale their content with our self-service offering. The main benefits are:

  1. More user seats --> 20
  2. Increased scalability -->
    1. Custom roles: 20
    2. Custom Metadata Fields: 5
    3. Content history: 60 days
    4. Webhooks: 5
    5. Max Asset size: 1GB
  3. Ecommerce integrations --> Shopify, Saleor, Centra

What happens with the Teams plan?
The Business plan will replace the Teams plan. Users and Storyblok spaces that currently run on the Teams plan will remain on this plan. They will keep the same pricing and no changes are necessary from their side.

It is important to note that after October 16, Teams plan users will be able to remove seats and invite/remove users but are not able to add any more new seats on top of the 10 included in the Teams plan.

Will the same limitations apply to the Business plan as to the Teams plan?
Yes. Apart from the updates in the business plan, the rest of the values and limitations will stay the same as it was on the Teams plan.

Why introduce changes to the other plans?
To double down on our promise to scale your content we are also updating some of the main features in our existing plans (Community, Entry, Enterprise (+)). With these changes we want to help businesses of all sizes avoid limitations and offer plans that will best help them scale their content.