Introducing a new Storyblok Pricing

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    Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

    We just rolled out new Storyblok pricing & plans to support you - regardless of the size of your organization! We now offer a Community edition for freelancers as well as projects for up to ten users, free forever for one user seat. Additional seats for all self-service plans are now available for 9 USD/EUR per user seat. On top of that, you can now find some of our paid features available in the free community plan.

    On our website, you will see Entry, Teams, and Enterprise plans for companies, big and small - be it SMEs, growing teams, or enterprises. To view the new pricing plans, visit our page right here.

    To learn more about the latest pricing updates, please read on.

    Community - Get started with Storyblok for free

    Storyblok has offered and will continue to provide a free plan to support you in your individual projects. We want you to utilize the full power of Storyblok to create great experiences - for websites, apps, or any other smart device.

    Our community plan is free forever for one user seat and includes all the same capabilities as our previous free plan. On top of that, we integrated capabilities from our previous basic and advanced plans into our community plan.

    Also, you can now add up to 10 additional users to your community plan for the price of 9.00 USD/EUR per user seat per month. This will enhance your Storyblok experience by bringing your team on board with predictable pricing at hand.

    Overall, this plan is ideal for private projects, freelancers, developers, and basically anyone who wants to get started with Storyblok.

    Entry & Teams plan for businesses to scale

    Today, more than 56,000 developers and marketers in 130+ countries use Storyblok to build incredible experiences - from websites, eCommerce sites, to mobile apps and even IoT and voice interfaces (see some selected case studies here)

    We've listened to your feedback and reworked our paid self-service plans to offer you even better packages. With our Entry and Teams plans, you now have the capabilities to build and scale your projects. We recommend investigating which one is the best fit depending on the size of your team. Our Entry plan starts at 5 user seats, and goes all the way up to 30 user seats. The Teams plan is ideal for team sizes of 10 to 40 people, including all the premium features as well as new capabilities (e.g., higher uptime).

    More control for your enterprise

    From Education First, to Panini, Pizza Hut, and many many more, Storyblok helps enterprises on a global scale with all their content operations. A big advantage of our Enterprise Plan is that you don't have to worry about scaling cost factors since most of the consumption-based items are unlimited and included in the Enterprise subscription. Are you looking for: advanced security, extended support from Storyblok, an organization manager to manage all your users in a central place, single sign-on as well as a 99.9% uptime SLA? If so, reach out to discuss our enterprise plan. Please fill out this contact form right here, and one of our colleagues will get back to you shortly.

    Does anything change if I'm already on a Storyblok plan?

    The short answer: There are no changes for you.

    Your account remains subscribed to your particular plan, and it won't change unless you decide to switch to one of our new plans.

    Feedback & questions?

    We strive to build the best experiences for you and your team and to give you the capabilities to create great content experiences for you, your partners, and your customers. If you have any questions or feedback, please use the live chat on our website.