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Why our Jamstack developers like Storyblok - Part one

Kamil Krzywda
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

At Naturaily, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge web solutions for our clients coming from all over the world. One tool that we found to be invaluable in our work is Storyblok, a headless CMS that has become our go-to choice for creating flawless and comfortable web experiences.

With over 100 headless CMS available on the market, a Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup) development company like ours has a wide, diverse range of options.

You can ask then: what is so special about Storyblok?

Well, we crafted this article to give you the answer! We sat down with our developers and created a list of Storyblok benefits that makes it an attractive and recommended headless CMS for a Jamstack project. In the first part, we will take a look at our way of working and the benefits of using Jamstack and in the second part we will list the benefits of using Storyblok in Jamstack projects.

Section titled We’re a Jamstack Agency and hers is why Storyblok is the best fit for our approach

Before we head to Storyblok’s benefits from the perspective of our developers, let us introduce ourselves and the Jamstack approach itself. This way, it will be easier to understand why it goes hand in hand with Storyblok.

Naturaily is a Jamstack development company so we create great, outstanding websites. Yes, we hear you: every web development company says so. But not every agency brings to life websites that are:

  • Ultra-fast: Bringing the performance metrics from 20-ish to 90-ish is our daily bread
  • Composable: Our clients are free to add or replace third-party tools to websites at any time, without almost any limitations.
  • Flexible: Adding changes to the visual layer is tremendously quicker and easier, with endless possibilities to create desirable experiences at the same time.
  • Easy-to-scale: Jamstack websites are always ready to serve any amount of traffic.
  • Secure: The zero possibility of DDoS speaks for itself.
  • Time- and cost-efficient to manage: Jamstack significantly streamlines the cooperation of departments responsible for website management.

Jamstack websites are a perfect solution we offer for startups, digital agencies, eCommerce, medtech, fintech, SaaS, and any other companies that need a convenient web platform to function and grow.

This is possible due to both our developers’ skills and experience as well as Jamstack's architecture and the software-building process that follows.

Section titled Decoupling in Jamstack for greater flexibility, faster development, and improved performance

Let’s focus only on separating the front end from the back end, called decoupling. What does it entail?

First, decoupling the front end from the back end allows for greater flexibility and scalability in development. By separating the two, you can make changes to either side of the website or application without affecting the other. This can be particularly helpful when making updates to the front end, as it allows developers to work on new features or design changes without worrying about affecting the functionality of the back end.

Second, decoupling also allows for faster development cycles. By using pre-built services and APIs for back-end functionality, developers can focus on building out the front end of the application. This can lead to faster deployment times and a more efficient development process overall.

Third, decoupling the front end from the back end leads to improved performance and security. With a Jamstack architecture, the front end is served directly from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or edge network, which can significantly improve page performance. Additionally, since the back end is only accessed through APIs, there is less surface area for potential security breaches, making the application more secure.

It’s radically different from traditional, monolithic, setups, in which the front end and the back end are tightly coupled making the possibilities rather limited. Being time-consuming to change anything, it also affects the time to market or business processes within companies (e.g. marketing & IT teams friction).

For most cases, Jamstack’s composable architecture makes it far more comfortable and effective than a traditional approach based on monolithic architecture.

Decoupling requires a different way of managing content, with the use of a headless CMS that doesn't dictate how content is presented on the front end.

And that’s where Storyblok – with its great features, interface, and technological foundations – comes into action, perfectly ready for the Jamstack.

Tune in to read the second part and find out about the very specific benefits of using Storyblok in Jamstack projects from the perspective of our developers who work with this headless CMS every day.

Section titled Conclusion

Everything explained above is supported by Naturaily’s experience with Storyblok. If you are curious about what a headless CMS, like Storyblok, could do for your agency and how it can be the best solution for any type of project, drop us a line.

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