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New ways to improve efficiency and speed: Introducing Conditional Fields and Single Story Scheduling

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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

We're thrilled to announce two major updates for Storyblok that will drastically improve the way you create and manage your content. Launching Conditional Fields and Single Story Scheduling, two powerful features designed to enhance efficiency, customization, and control.

Section titled Conditional Fields: Add dynamics to your components

Customization and efficiency are crucial aspects of content management. When dealing with components, it's common for certain fields to become unnecessary based on the input in another field, leading to long schemas with irrelevant fields. Storyblok addresses this challenge with Conditional Fields, allowing you to enhance your components by setting conditions for specific fields, resulting in improved efficiency for your content creators as they work with clear, dynamic, and customized components.

Picture a scenario where a content creator is adding details to different event types, such as "Conference" and "Workshop." Instead of overwhelming the creator with many standard fields, the Conditional Fields feature enables a lean approach to components. When selecting "Conference" as the event type, specific fields like "Speaker Names" and "Agenda" become visible, tailoring the following fields to the nature of the event. This not only enhances customization by providing a better editing environment, but also improves efficiency for content creators, ensuring they only input the relevant details for each specific event type.

Screenshot of Storyblok UI, showing an example of conditional fields.

This is an example of setting Conditional Fields inside Storyblok

Section titled Single Story Scheduling: The quickest way to schedule content

Now you can speed up your content releases by scheduling a single Story straight from within the Visual Editor. No need for external apps, additional steps, or complicated processes – simply create, edit, and schedule your content with a few clicks.

Imagine a scenario where you need to publish an individual blog post that isn't tied to any major campaign, and you wish to schedule it without dealing with complicated procedures. This feature allows you to achieve just that, enabling you to schedule the publication of a standalone blog post with ease and simplicity.

Screenshot from the Storyblok app showing an example of scheduling a Story directly from the Visual Editor

This is an example of scheduling a single story

Section titled Which plans have access to Conditional Fields and Single Story Scheduling?

Conditional Fields is only available for our Enterprise and Enterprise + plans. Single Story Scheduling is available for the Business and Enterprise(+) plans.

Section titled Optimize your content management with Conditional Fields and Single Story Scheduling

Storyblok aims to provide the best way to deliver the most flawless content experience possible to all teams. Whether you're a developer, marketer, content editor, or SEO specialist, we'll always aim to optimize your experience when creating content. With Conditional Fields and Single Story Scheduling, we further strive to achieve this mission.

If your current plan doesn't allow you to use these new features, feel free to contact our team to discuss the upgrade and the possibilities it may open up. If you already have access to Conditional Fields and Single Story Scheduling, but still have questions, don't hesitate to check our Discord for assistance.