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Storyblok vs Contentful

Rated as the easiest-to-use Content Management System

Discover the differences between Storyblok and Contentful and why Storyblok is rated the as the #1 Headless CMS.

Storyblok’s Visual Editor is the simplest, yet most powerful editing experience editors & marketers will get.

With the Visual Editor, content editors and marketers are able to create content without dependency on the development team.

To have the creative freedom to do things and also have a good visual editor interface that people can actually work with that is quite, you know, easy to understand, is very important. In the end, you just want to find a good balance between both developers and marketers.

Picture of Marcus Holmqvist
Marcus Holmqvist
Digital Project Manager at Oatly

Without sudden charges for content creation features, Storyblok never limits your creativity.

Storyblok offers you clear and transparent pricing that fits your needs. No secret costs.

Storyblok is one of the best CMS tools we’ve used. The drag and drop interface is super easy to use, but you can also create and customize components for specific designs and media. It’s such a great blend of simplicity and flexibility.

Picture of Robin W. Wolters
Robin W. Wolters
VP Growth at Yoco

With Storyblok, you can collaborate directly within your CMS and customize your publishing workflows.

Remove long email threads, a multitude of slack messages, and slow publishing times.

“Storyblok gave us the flexibility to set up the workflow that we needed.”

Picture of Nicola Cerchiari
Nicola Cerchiari
Technical Development Manager - Full-Stack Developer at Panini

Why customers love Storyblok and decide to make the switch from Contentful.

Case Study

How Spendesk found themselves tackling a multitude of issues with Contentful and left them looking for a new system that could adapt to their needs and fix their problems.

We looked into Storyblok to build faster and conduct more agile testing, from hours to just minutes. Editors could also easily use the design system with a live preview within the Visual Editor, providing more autonomy for editors and developers while being appropriately priced to their budget and value.

Picture of Michael Saifoudine
Michael Saifoudine
Senior Website Manager at Spendesk

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