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Storyblok Feature Focus:
Field Type Plugins

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Field Type Plugins

Do you want to take your Storyblok app to the next level? Use data from outside sources to enhance your capabilities? If yes, why not automate the process of data communication by creating a custom field-type plugin in Storyblok? During this webinar, you will learn how to leverage the already rich library of field types of Storyblok, but also how to create your own custom Field Type Plugin. What is a Field Type Plugin? In Storyblok, you can use different kinds of field types to leverage a variety of data types, such as richtext or numbers, but also date or assets This format determines how Storyblok interprets the data. By creating your own field types, you can go beyond the predefined options and for example create a color picker field-type or one that let’s you pick a location on Google maps.

Josefine Schaefer - Developer Relations Engineer @ Storyblok
Wessel van der Pal - Co-Founder & Lead Developer @ Take_it Agency

Webinar Highlights:

  • What is / how to use a field type plugin
  • How to create the Field Type Plugin
  • How to fetch Spotify data with a Field Type Plugin
  • Live Q/A session

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