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Storyblok OMR Festival
Webinar Series

Rewatch all the latest insights on AI and tech from leading industry experts that prepared the marketing world for one of the biggest events in 2023!

A lucky number of live attendees won free tickets to the OMR Festival 2023.

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How to boost your success when attending big events

Are you like us, hungry to make the most out of events? Yes? Make sure to join our session on setting and achieving personal event goals. We’ll look at how to network effectively, how to build meaningful connections, and ultimately create a memorable experience. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned pro, this webinar will give you the skills and confidence to make the most of your OMR Festival and come away with valuable connections and insights.

Francesca Montisci - Partner Success Team Manager @ Storyblok
Florian Leiler - Senior Sales Team Manager @ Storyblok
Kevin Davidson - Senior Demand Generation Specialist @ Storyblok

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Top Marketing Trends you (don’t) need to know

Marketers and content editors are constantly bombarded with trends to stay on top of: the Metaverse, AI, short-form video, long-form video – you name it. But while following these trends, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of what really holds your content work together: the right tools. Does your team collaborate efficiently? Is your team working in silos? And how does your current set-up enable them to work independently from constant dev support? In this session, Storyblok’s VP of marketing, Thomas Peham, will take you on a journey of the marketing trends in 2023 you really focus on to make your next year a roaring success.

Thomas Peham - VP of Marketing @ Storyblok

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Localization Technology that will revolutionize your global campaigns

Spoiler: You can save 300 hours per week by implementing what will be shared in this webinar!
Dive into the world of localization technology and AI. The combination of these cutting-edge technologies is revolutionizing the way businesses operate globally! Find out the latest advancements in machine translation and natural language processing, and how these technologies are being used to automate and streamline localization processes. We will look at how implementing localization technology and AI will improve your global reach and competitiveness. Ready to be a global leader?

Dr. Rafal Jaworski - Linguistic AI Expert @ XTM International
Kevin Davidson - Senior Demand Generation Specialist @ Storyblok

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OMR Festival 2023 ticket giveaway included!

Find out the origins of the OMR Festival, why more than 70,000 professionals join the event every year, and what’s in store for attendees in May 2023. With so much to do in 2 days, this pre-event session is to help you prioritize your time efficiently to reach your event goals and meet the digital shakers and movers. Attendees will find out what special gift they might win during this webinar, so make sure to join!

Martin Gardt - Editor @ OMR
Maria Baumgartner - Demand Generation Team Manager @ Storyblok

May 9

Exclusive OMR Festival Masterclass

Language: German

May 10

Exclusive OMR Festival Masterclass

Language: German

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