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The State of Content Management 2023

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Webinar with Gillian & Thomas

The world of content management is in a permanent state of evolution. Whether it’s upgrading technology or new user needs, keeping up with it all can be a challenge for even the most devoted enthusiast: what are the most common complaints when it comes to content management? What are users looking for in a system? And what does it all mean for the future of CMS? Join Storyblok’s VP of Marketing Thomas Peham and Content Creator Gillian Mays in this session to learn more about the current state of CMS and where the industry is heading.

Gillian Mays - Content Creator @ Storyblok
Thomas Peham - VP of Marketing @ Storyblok

Webinar Highlights:

  • Learn the major roadblocks in current CMS usage
  • Compare trend differences between different global regions
  • Discover how headless acts as a modern content management solution

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