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Stories from the Blok #10
Happy Holiday Harmonies

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    Tue, December 6th, 2022
    18:00 CET / 09:00 PDT / 23:00 ICT

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Welcome & Introduction

Let’s kick off our anniversary edition of Stories from the Blok with a warm welcome from our hosts Laura and Sammy, who will set the stage for everything we have in store.

Laura Gavrilă - Content Creator @ Storyblok
Sammy Benjamin - Video Content Creator @ Storyblok

A year in the life of the Storyblok DevRels

The year of 2022 was jam-packed with conferences, SDK releases, community activities, tutorials, Twitch streams and more. Not to mention Storyblok V2 – our biggest update to the product yet. Join our Developer Relationship Engineers as they unpack their 2022 hard drives and share with us everything that happened in our amazing dev community this year. Spoiler-alert: a lot has happened!

Josefine Schaefer - Developer Relations @ Storyblok
Manuel Schröder - Associate Team Manager Documentation & Learning in Developer Relations @ Storyblok

Website Localization: Unlock the world and grow faster in 2023

Behind every global brand we love is a localization and content team creating magical material that resonates with cultures and languages around the world. With an escalating demand for localized content, especially in 2022, we require state of the art language technology to enable high quality translations at the speed of now with competitive costs. In this session, we will show you how DeepL's market leading MT capabilities can improve teams of all budgets to work smarter and more efficiently when speaking to the world. Find out how easy it is to connect DeepL with your Headless CMS and set yourself up for worldwide success in the new year.

Kevin Davidson - Senior Demand Generation Specialist @ Storyblok
Sergio Vidangos - Craftmaster Software Development @ Virtual Identity

2023: Top Marketing Trends you (don’t) need to know

Marketers and content editors are constantly bombarded with trends to stay on top of: the Metaverse, AI, short-form video, long-form video – you name it. But while following these trends, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of what really holds your content work together: the right tools. Does your team collaborate efficiently? Is your team working in silos? And how does your current set-up enable them to work independently from constant dev support? In this session, Storyblok’s VP of marketing, Thomas Peham, will take you on a journey of the marketing trends in 2023 you really focus on to make your next year a roaring success.

Thomas Peham - VP of Marketing @ Storyblok

Sky’s the Limit: a 2022 round-up from our Founders

What happens if you mix the biggest update to your product ever, with a $47 million Series B investment and employee growth from 83 to over 230? That’s right – the craziest year at Storyblok. So, what better note to end our anniversary edition of Stories from The Blok on than a personal message from our founders? Join in as CEO Dominik Angerer reflects on the wild ride we had at Storyblok in 2022 and a sneak peek on what’s to come in 2023.

Dominik Angerer - CEO @ Storyblok

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