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Discover how to lead in all channels and create AR/VR experiences that wow customers

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The Way to Modern Content

Join us for an exciting webinar that will change the way you perceive Storyblok! Beyond website development, discover how Storyblok empowers you to create immersive AR/VR experiences that are currently the talk of the tech world. Our main focus is on omnichannel strategies, but we'll delve into the fascinating realm of AR/VR in the second part.

Alvaro Saburido - Developer Relations Engineer @ Storyblok
Brandon Watts - Senior PR Team Manager @ Storyblok

Webinar Highlights:

  • What is “omnichannel marketing”, and how it differs from “multichannel”
  • The benefits of implementing omnichannel strategies
  • The common misconceptions surrounding omnichannel
  • See omnichannel AR in action during a short live demo!
  • Live Q/A session

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