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Vertex Media

Vertex Media is a passionate and performance-obsessed team based in Vienna that imagines, plans, implements, designs, and maintains solutions with and around Storyblok. Their expertise in web development, digital marketing, and consulting combined with the application of modern and proven technologies like Storyblok makes it possible to craft unique and highly performant solutions.

  • Quote from Lukas Brand, CEO at Vertex Media

    Storyblok is our go-to solution to create flexible, scalable, and maintainable high-performance web solutions. The ease of extendability and their drive to offer the best in the market content management system make them our preferred partner in creating excellent and innovative solutions.

    Lukas Brand
    Lukas Brand
    CEO at Vertex Media
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The Project

In search of the most suitable content management for their needs, Vertex Media fully utilized Storyblok's potential in creating a component catalog solution in conjunction with other modern and proven technologies, that can build, style, and maintain any web application or site. Their own site shows off some of the possibilities that can be achievable with an optimized solution based on Storyblok.

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