Roomle addresses furniture manufacturers, retailers and the shop-fitting industry. The aim is to make products tangible in sales, to bring them to the end consumer with all their possibilities and variants, and thus to sell easier - and more. Latest technologies make working with Roomle simple, intuitive, and available to everyone everywhere – on mobile devices and on the web.

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Roomle visualizes furniture 1: 1 in the digital world, making virtualized products available with all their functionalities and special features. This brings inspiration and changes the way we plan and purchase furniture in the future, configuring furniture items individually, integrating them into online shops, visualizing them in 2D / 3D / AR / VR and mixed reality, producing and buying at the push of a button.

  • Storyblok dramatically reduces the complexity of content management systems and speeds up the developer’s work like never before.

    Albert Ortig

    Chief Executive Officer, netural.com
    Albert Ortig