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nexum.noise combines the emotionality of a creative agency, the goal-oriented approach of a digital team player, and the efficiency of a media company. The nexum.noise's goal was to present all their services in the field of digital brand management, (social) media consulting, and campaign design on a single landing page that shows off the company's creativity and its fun to engage with. Choosing Storyblok as the headless CMS in this project has helped nexum.noise focus on the frontend implementation while maintaining the ability to create user-friendly and highly customizable pages. For this purpose, the company kept the tech stack simple: Next.js for the framework, Tailwind for styling, react-spring for CSS/SVG animations, and Storyblok with its component-based design enabling them to speed up their development process considerably. At the same time, nexum.noise was able to keep the necessary amount of configuration options.

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