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Together we are strong for tomorrow. M. Heezen is a family business with more than 10 operating companies and more than 300 employees and is the specialist in demolition work, asbestos remediation, soil remediation and infrastructure technology. The renewed website focuses on these 4 pillars. Softmedia developed the corporate websites for M. Heezen and the 10 operating companies in the form of a versatile multi-site. A multi-site was the logical solution for M. Heezen and the operating companies. It consists of a number of websites that run within the same virtual environment. The individual websites have their own style, content, user rights for management and each website has its own domain name. But the websites within this multi-site do share the same files, functionalities and use the same template. The development costs per website are a lot lower and by making smart use of the joint functionalities, a lot of time can be saved. Managing different websites within one environment also has many advantages. A website has been developed for each operating company based on the corporate website of M. Heezen, designed in the specific corporate identity and tailored to the activities. Each operating company has a unique website that fits into the bigger picture.

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Vue.js, Nuxt.js, NativeScript
Netlify, Firebase

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