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Land of Rugs

Founded in 2012, Land of Rugs is a family owned and run rug retailer based in the picturesque village of Darley Abbey. With years of industry experience and an ever-expanding customer base, the company's dedicated team is constantly striving to uphold their reputation as one of the leading online rug retailers. Following many ultimatums, their Magento was starting to slow down due to bloat whereby business objectives lead to migrating. One of the company's main issues was site speed. Bigcommerce was the way forward, of whom put Land of Rugs in touch with Cygnet. The flexibility offered by Storyblok has been instrumental in making substantial improvements. The introduction of "bloks" has made it easier to implement significant changes. The ease and speed of implementation allows the company to consider and execute modifications that were previously too time-consuming. With Storyblok’s simplified interface, changes can now be handled in-house, there is a reduced requirement for extensive development. This has allowed Land of Rugs to improve their SEO via creating new pages for content to test and measure its success. As an all-rounder, Storyblok has many benefits which the company is continuing to find the more we use it.

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