Form Only Improvements, Quick Switch, Schema Definition Updates

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With our latest release, we’ve launched some new features and improved form only experience of Storyblok.

Form Only with expandable components

The form only just got so much better with our expandable components, allowing you to not only navigate through your components but also to quickly expand some of them without navigating into them.

Expandable components

Config, Status and Tools

We’ve moved the top navigation to a tab navigation in the sidebar to introduce two new sections. Status which will be improved over the next couple of months into a Workflow feature. and Tools which will allow you to build a new type of apps to trigger tasks and/or the best place to integrate translation systems.

New tabs

Mobile Preview now in Preview URL bar


Creating new Components

Create new components in the new sidebar right in your compose mode or in the components menu.

Creating new component

Defining new Fields

After sending out surveys to randomly picked customers we’ve now switched the order of new keys being added to your components, no need to reorder them all over again and again, they are not added at the bottom of your fields.

New fields