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  • Storyblok V2: Update 5

    Changes in: app

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates

    Traffic limit charges

    • We have traffic limits on different plans and have more thoroughly implemented the traffic surplus charges depending on which plan you are in when you go over your traffic limits. You will be charged accordingly via Stripe each time you do so. Please refer to your plans in your subscriptions area in the app or in our pricing here: For any more details or legacy plans, please get in touch with support for more information on these traffic limits. You will be notified throughout the dashboard of your current traffic usage before you reach your limit and once you have passed your limit and been charged.

    Filters - workflow quick filter

    • Being able to quickly click on the workflow stages in the content list to set a filter and see all in this workflow.

    Digital Asset Manager Navigation

    In this update, the asset navigation received the following features:

    • Attending to the client's feedback, the folder tree is back on the page.

    • The Asset Manager has a Breadcrumb to help you easily identify the path and navigate in the folders.

    • On selecting a folder, the URL is updated with the folder ID, which means you can share the link to open the Asset Manager in a specific folder.

    Custom attributes for Link fields

    • Now you can define your own custom attributes in your links to external URLs.


    • CLI: Improved instructions

    • CLI: Implement Dimensions Datasource migration

    • CLI: Added support for China spaces

    • CLI: Added pull-languages command

    • CLI: Added exclude folders option

    • CLI: Exposed the containing stories full slug in run-migration

    • CLI: Suggest the closest match to an unknown command

    • JS: Removed enums

    • A Space owner or admin can now control the space's statistic cookie settings

    Fixed bugs

    • CLI: Error when syncing components between spaces US

    • CLI: Story status not synced

    • Field name change in UI duplicated the field in JSON

    • Datasources: Fixed the DS entry editing when the entries are filtered

    • Resolve Relations: Fixed the issue to resolve the relations with more than 25 items

    • Visual Editor: Fixed the infinite loading of stories with invalid values on the real path using the Advanced Paths App

    • Markdown: Fixed the cursor jumping to the end of the text issue

    • Blocks: Fixed the use of the preset display name on the Insert block modal

    • Blocks: Fixed the timezone calculation for Date & Time fields on the block preview

    • Richtext: Fixed the display of the discard changes modal on opening a block

    • Richtext: Fixed the permissions

    • Richtext: Fixed the breadcrumbs on accessing a block

    • Richtext: Fixed the reorder of multi-assets in a block

    • Richtext: Fixed the validation error on translatable fields

    • Block Library: Fixed the wrong message about the display name

    • Multi-options: Fixed the remove item button

    • User Count: Fixed the number of users on the organization's dashboard.

    • Preset filters: Fixed so that users have the option to save a filter immediately after adding another filter to preset

    • Filters: Fixed filtering in locale (some small general issues)

    • Traffic limits: Remove the traffic alert after 100% is hit

    • Content list: You could not go back to the content from the sidebar menu if you selected the last page of the story list within a folder

    • Pipelines: Show success toaster after pipeline deletion

    • Pipelines: Remove the pipeline creation field when the trial has finished

    • Workflows: Unable to access edit modal for the second time in a row without refresh.

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Content Browser: Added the option to open the content in a new tab