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Storyblok V2: Update 3

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

General updates


  • JS Client: Ts declaration adjustment

  • JS Client: Updated changelog

  • JS Client: remove & ignore stray .DS_Store file

Fixed bugs

  • Content List: Additional filter options with zero returns

  • Content List: Search box margin incorrect

  • Content List: Responsiveness improvement on mobile on stories listings

  • Content List: Incorrect timezone in the "first published date" in V2

  • Content List: Technical name of a component instead of the Display name in the "New content story" modal

  • Content List: Wrong version name of content types is displayed in content section

  • Content List: Translated slug of a story in programmable paths of the advanced path app

  • Content List: Contents improvement in loading after restoring deleted content

  • Content List: Remove of pagination options when there are less items than 26 in the content list

  • Content List: Move buttons are wrongly positioned in the content list on the Safari web browser in Storyblok V2

  • Workflows: Show only groups and people with rights to edit in workflow stage

  • Discussions: In Discussions added learn more hyperlink

  • JS Client: resolve_relations bug

  • JS Client: Client does not send API requests bug

  • JS Client: flushCache() not working bug

  • JS Client: responseData.link_uuids.length bug

  • JS Client: forEach error when trying to retrieve a story with resolve_relation bug

  • Questions related to SSO when users are assigned to multiple groups and roles

  • Adjustments to show the correct price of an Enterprise Plan

  • Adjustments on Sign-up process: account confirmation

  • Fixed the correct route on Partner Portal Stripe connection

  • Visual Editor: Fixed asset description on Multi-Asset fields

  • Visual Editor: Fixed Uncaught DOMException errors

  • Visual Editor: Fixed Block Browser search

  • Visual Editor: Fixed inverted typing issue

  • Visual Editor: Color tags in the editor based on the workflow stage

  • Block Library: Fixed visualization of the last item when a block is selected

  • Settings: Added a confirmation modal on deleting Preview URLs

  • Group fields: Fixed hidden display names

  • Multi-Options: Fixed component loading when the field contains more than 100 selected items

UI/UX Improvements

  • Datasources: Minor visual improvements on the Datasources listing

  • Link field: Added the option to open an internal link in a new tab

  • Field description: Added the option to show the description as a note or as a tooltip