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  • Storyblok V2: Going live!

    Changes in: app

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • New server location - US (East coast)


    • JS SDK Beta version (Removed Axios and added TypeScript)


    • Overwrite space is not updating/creating non-default languages (V1)

    • Last update and author of stories are not being restored in Space full restore

    • The Schema's default preset is not being restored in Space full restore

    • Component groups are not being restored in Space full restore

    • Default asset folder is not being restored

    Visual Editor

    • Alternative Version

    • Option to add External URL for Asset field type

    • Option to add multiple options to content-type restriction on Single-option and Multi-options field-types

    • Reload button for localhost Preview URLs

    Digital Asset Manager

    • Asset expiration date

    Releases app

    • Request review for release added to V2

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Visual Editor: Single-option and Multi-options field-types redesigned

    • Visual Editor: Tooltip remaining on navigation

    • Visual Editor: Fixed overlay issues

    • Visual Editor: Fixed changes detection for the Discard changes modal

    • Visual Editor: Fixed drag and drop

    • Visual Editor: Option to open schema easier to access

    • Asset Manager: Option to open an asset's folder

    • General: Improvements in setting focus

    • General: Confirmation modal for plan change

    • General: New layouts for generic emails sent

    • General: Search bar for Approval request

    • General: App versioning to return to V1 more easily

    • Workflow: Clickable area expanded to edit workflows

    Fixed bugs

    • When trying to create a new tag in “Entry configuration”, the tag component has unexpected behaviors

    • Backup Restore - Error on restore when the space has invitations

    • JS SDK: Breaking change in 4.5.0 with resolve_relations

    • JS SDK: Not resolving relations

    • JS SDK: Resolve assets problem

    • JS SDK: Fix TS index declarations

    • JS SDK: Fetching assets via the Storyblok management API doesn't work anymore

    • Failed backup restore error message missing

    • fieldtype property is missing on external links when created with Storyblok v2 UI

    • Visual Editor: Performance improvements

    • Visual Editor: Fixed Block actions options

    • Visual Editor: Fixed required option for Richtext and Asset fields

    • Visual Editor: Advanced Path and cached_url fixed

    • Visual Editor: Links in Richtexts fixed for non-default languages

    • Visual Editor: Unlink option in Richtexts fixed

    • Visual Editor: Several fixes on the Bridge

    • Visual Editor: Fixed Content Locking rules

    • Visual Editor: Link field-type fixes

    • Visual Editor: Fixes and improvements on changing a field type

    • Visual Editor: Numeric and bullet lists fixed

    • Visual Editor: cached_url for Stories in folders

    • Visual Editor: Blocks weren't highlighted in the content form on hovering them in the visual preview

    • Content list: Folder id is shown instead of name

    • Plugins: Interface added

    • Dashboard: My last edit links to the correct route

    • Workflows settings: Save button issues

    • Content settings: Default settings were not applying to stories

    • Content settings: Presets in V2

    • Content settings: Real path field and advanced paths

    • Content status: Status now reflected within the visual editor link field-type

    • Block Library: Reorder options fixed

    • Asset manager: Preview of .svg files fixed

    • Workflow: Permissions are now restrictive visually

    • Space signup: Partner portal user invitations to login page