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  • Section titled Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 4 Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 4

    Changes in: app

    In this major update of the Storyblok Version 2 Beta we implemented the following features:

    Section titled Online Presence

    With the online presence feature, you are now able to see who is currently editing the same content item.

    Section titled Workflows

    The workflows feature is a central feature for the Storyblok app and finally made its comeback to the V2 Beta. With workflows, you can set different workflow stages, add comments, notify the users via email about the workflow changes and assign users or roles to specific stages. 

    Section titled Page History

    Content is changed over time. With the versions feature, you can see all changes of a content item and roll back to older versions. It allows you to see who made changes and what was changed. 

    Section titled Tools

    It's possible to extend the visual editor with custom tools. With this release, the tools will be displayed in their own sidebar.

    Section titled Cloudinary Support

    If you handle your assets via Cloudinary, you can use our Cloudinary app to select assets directly inside of Storyblok. We extended the JSON output of the app with some more data from Cloudinary: public_id, width, height, and aspect_ratio

    Section titled Block Library Categories

    Inside the block library, you will now be able to filter your blocks by your defined categories.

    Section titled Block Browser in Visual Mode

    Our block browser is great to quickly navigate and search the current content item. We now included the block browser in the visual mode, so you can use it wherever you prefer to use it. 

    Section titled UI Improvements

    • Story status in the content browser
    • Assets can be tagged now
    • The set width of the content sidebar is stored for the whole session
    • Active language selection is stored per space
    • Scrolling of discussions
    • Scrolling of tabs 

    Section titled Fixed Bugs

    • Export for the link component improved
    • Fieldtype boolean inside the Richtext field
    • Custom field type data and asset selection 
    • Full-screen mode for custom field-types
    • Image uploading for partner apps