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Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 2

Changes in: app Permalink

In this week's second update of the Storyblok Version 2 Beta, the following improvements were made:

Fieldtype Group

The field-type group is now supported. If you have a field-type group, it will get its own tab and not be shown inside that tab where it is defined. If the group shares a field with a tab, the field will be shown inside the tab it's defined in instead of the group tab. The field type group has been available before we released the tabs feature and we recommend you to migrate all your fields to tabs instead of using the groups field.


It's now possible to restart the onboarding tour inside the editor.

UX Improvements

  • When opening the “Insert block” modal the search input is now focused

  • If a root block doesn't have any fields defined, there will be an empty placeholder

Fixed Bugs

  • A bug inside the fieldtypes Single-Option and Multi-Options was fixed, where it didn't show the defined options when it was just created

  • A bug inside the Schema of Image(old) was fixes

  • A bug on the content sidebar in visual mode was fixed so it doesn't close when interaction with the visual editor happens. It also stays open, when the block library is opened.

  • A bug inside the fieldtype Markdown was fixed, when toggling between Richtext Preview. Now there are no empty lines between items in unordered and ordered lists.