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  • Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 17

    Changes in: app

    In this update of Storyblok's Version 2 Beta, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates

    Clipboard History App

    You can now access the clipboard history for easy copying in V2. It allows you to see all components you’ve copied before in an easy-to-use clipboard on the tools bar or directly in the block field type.

    Shared Components

    It's now possible to share components in V2. This app helps you to manage components in a central place. It is helpful if you want to build multiple websites that have all the same components and a similar layout.

    When installing this app, the parent space ID can be configured in the space settings.

    After configuring a parent space ID, all component definitions will be taken from the parent space.

    User management in V2

    You can now add, set multiple roles, and manage your users in V2.

    Organizations in V2

    We have bought Organizations to V2 and made some initial improvements (although much more is to come - watch this space!). You can now see the information for your organization, link spaces to your organization, see your recently added spaces, and your recent users as well as be able to add users and customize your organization´s settings in V2. You can also see all the statistics for your spaces right from your organization account, so no need to go into each one individually.

    New access tokens visibility

    Now in V2 when you add new tokens, you can see a highlight on what you have just added. This way when you are busy adding lots of new tokens you can better identify them.

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Visual Editor: Redesign of Group field-type

    • Assets: Options to go directly to the Image editor

    • Assets: Option to filter by creation and last update dates

    Fixed bugs

    • Datasource: Fixed the option to add new datasources during the trial period

    • Visual Editor: Use display name on preview

    • Visual Editor: Resolve second level relations on Bridge

    • Design System: Adjust SbSelect to accept inputs

    • Design System: Remove Event Listener on destroy component

    • Design System: Error on Design System's showcase for SbUploadDialog