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Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 13

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of Storyblok's Version 2 Beta, we implemented the following improvements:

Digital Asset Management

Assets actions

Execute asset actions, such as delete, replace, and copy URLs - you can now execute these actions directly from the assets listing or from the asset detail.

Multiple assets selection

You can now select multiple assets, moving or delete multiple assets at once.

Folder actions

It's now possible in V2 to execute folder actions. You were already able to move folders, and now you can also rename and delete folders.

Private Asset Listing

It's possible now to identify the private assets in the assets listing.

Visual Editor

Autosave App

Tired of pressing the save button? Autosave enables you to focus even more on your content by automatically saving changes while editing content.


  • Ruby SDK: Added pre-commit hooks; added tests; updated Readme; added pull request template.

  • JS SDK: Reverted the mjs rename; added exports fields in package.json; added pull request template.

  • PHP SDK: Added pull request template

  • Python SDK: Added pull request template

Design System

  • Added a flag so that the date and time can be delivered in ISO format

General updates

Multi-select and bulk actions

We have brought to V2 various improvements for when you are working with lots of stories and folders in your content list. You can now work more effectively on bulk actions, like moving, duplicating, deleting, workflows, and publishing/un-publishing.

Role Management

We now have role management in V2. Here, you can set up custom roles with custom permissions, allowing you to personalize your team and how they work fully.

Activities page

Want to see what is happening across your entire space? We now have all the activities your members are doing from Data sources, publishing, comments, and new and updated components.

Password Strength indicator

We have added a helper tool for the signup page, making it easier and more secure for your members.

Components (Block library)

We also have a brand new block library UI for V2, improving how you can organize and create blocks for your spaces.

Fixed bugs

  • Asset manager: setPointerEventsOnPreviewIframe error