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Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 11

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of Storyblok's Version 2 Beta, we implemented the following improvements:


  • New parameter: resolve_links=link - the response will have the same attributes as the objects in the links API

Space management

In this update, we implemented the following improvements:

  • Control of Internationalization

  • Management of Webhooks

  • Management of Workflow Stages

  • Management of the Asset Library Settings

  • Management of Maintenance Mode

  • Control of the Danger Zone

Internationalization settings

Storyblok supports content in multiple languages and integrates with various tools to manage translations. These integrations support you in making your content available internationally. Learn more

Webhook settings

Webhooks allow you to send Storyblok activity to external services and custom integrations. Learn more

Webhook logs show you which requests have been sent with which payload.

Workflow Stages

In the workflow stages settings, you can now create and reorder the workflows for your content creation. This includes creating new workflow stages so that you can best customize the way your team works. You can assign them to a specific user or roles and set the following stage after publication and who can change the stages, giving you and your team more control of the content production process.

Assets library settings

You can set required fields in the assets library settings where the user will be forced to fill out those fields when uploading a new asset. You can also invalidate the cache from the image service.

Maintenance mode settings

It's now possible in V2 to set a space into maintenance mode, allowing admins to change the content while blocking other users from editing.

With this change, the management API delivers a 403 error instead of a 401 error when the user cannot access a resource.

Danger zone settings

Deleting a Space can be done now in V2 on "Danger Zone." Deleting your space is permanent. To delete a Space, the owner must re-type the space name and confirm the action in the confirmation dialog.

General updates

Filtering content

We have added to v2 a new filtering functionality allowing your team the ability to search and filter through your content. You can filter through content assigned to you, workflow stage, content type, tags, component, and content items allowing you to enter deep within your schema to better separate and find the content you want.

Releases App for V2

We have added to v2 the Releases app, allowing you to group your content changes in separate releases, which can then be published manually or through automatic scheduling for specific times and dates.

Pipeline App for V2

We have added to v2 the Pipeline app, which will allow you to manage multiple content pipeline stages where you can have one click deployment from one pipeline stage to another, preview functionality before publishing, and create specific access tokens for each branch. Together with the Releases app, you can schedule content changes across different times and days along your entire pipeline.

Dashboard for V2

Keep up to date with everything that is happening in your space with the new dashboard for v2. You can see your plan details to see activities across teams and things assigned to you and changes made across the entire space. You will also see all the statistics of content updates and API requests.

Fixed bugs

  • Design System: SbSlideOver bug fixed

  • Design System: SbSelect with icon bug fixed

  • Design System: Drag&Drop area too small bug fixed

  • Design System: sb-pagination not working well in Safari bug fixed

  • Design System: Empty nodes on bug fixed

  • Design System: In Firefox, the button remains shaded after the click bug fixed

  • Design System: Collapse option not working correctly bug fixed

  • Design System: SbTooltip shows an error bug fixed

  • Space management: UI Responsiveness fixes

  • Visual Editor: Asset type validation