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Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 10

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of the Storyblok Version 2 Beta, we implemented the following improvements:


App submenu

We've moved the list of installed apps that used to be in the sidebar into a submenu for easier access and easier hiding.


  • PHP: Added support for i18n content retrieval

  • JS: stringify qs replacement

  • PHP: Added support for API V2


Discard changes modal

Don't lose your unsaved changes! If you try to leave the editor before saving your changes, you will be notified and can decide between discarding your changes or going back to save your work.

General updates

Space Management

We are rolling out the settings pages individually. In this update, you can:

  • Manage the Space general information

  • Manage the domain/location and Preview URLs

  • Manage the Workflow stages

Create new spaces in V2

You can now create a new space and an example space directly in V2.

Note: Keep posted for future features like duplicating a space as well as blueprint libraries (where you can choose and create new spaces from different preset templates).

Visual Editor's Welcome page

For V2, we have added the local copy and access token directly in the visual editor to set up previews for your content.

Fixed bugs

  • PHP SDK: Fixed the enrich content turning empty arrays into strings

  • Editor: Improvements on Javascript Bridge V1 compatibility with the App V2

  • Editor: Fix on support for older V1 field-types

  • Content: Clear all filters in one click on the stories index page