Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 1

Changes in: app Permalink

One week ago we released the invitation only beta version of our V2 app and since then we have already made a lot of improvements:

Content Sidebar

The button for the content sidebar in visual mode moved to the right of the header. The sidebar is now to the right of the content and not overlaying it. If you prefer the sidebar to be overlaying, you can still choose this option in the options menu.


We added the search functionality to the asset modal, so now you can quickly find the asset you are looking for.

Block Library

The last missing schemas for the definition of fields were added to the block library. We completed the schemas for the following fields: Richtext, Single and Muti-Asset, Link, Image (old), Markdown, Single and Multi-Option, File (old), Number, Date / Time, Table, Plugin

Fixed Bugs

  • Improved interaction with discussion fields

  • Display of content in Richtext field

  • Going back to spaces

  • Display of thumbnails

  • Display of errors

  • Dragging of the content sidebar

  • Navigation between tabs