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  • Section titled April 2024 April 2024

    April 2024

    Changes in:
    • Section titled Visualize unpublished relations Visualize unpublished relations

      • SBD-49
      • Business Plan
      • Content Authoring
      • User Experience

      Highlights any unpublished relations between stories and warns the user before publishing a story to prevent it from breaking.

    • Section titled Component tagging Component tagging

      Makes it possible to assign a component to multiple tags within the component library.

      • SBD-147
      • Community Plan
      • Developer Experience
    • Section titled Asset and folders access management Asset and folders access management

      Gives admins the right to manage access and view restrictions to assets and asset folders.

      • SBD-401
      • Entry Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring
      • Assets Experience

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Enable apps to authenticate users via the iframe window – without redirects.

    • Solved saving issue in the releases app.

    • Improved video preview in assets manager.

    • Solved issue of assets with no filename.

    • Fixed richtext css classes causing issues when copying content.

    • Corrected the z-index zo that the shadow of mandatory fields appears in the visual editor.

    • Fixed reorder issue with multi-options in the editor.

    • Fixed the issue where integrating a role with SSO was available on the Teams plan.

    • Solved navigation errors with Conditional Fields.

    • Fixed copy and paste issues with the Clipboard History app.

    • Fixed inability to duplicate a space on the Australian Region.

    • Solved the issue with a Canadian space that couldn't upgrade from Community to Entry.

    • Fixed the issue where the path and content-type restrictions were not being applied on story selection with single/multi-options.

    • Solved the issue where the content type name in the Visual Editor doesn't update when changing content from the Browse content.

    • Solved the issue where it was possible to return story content even if it has never been published.

    • Fixed problem where the user was unable to switch languages in the Storyblok space.

    • Fixed block library UI issue.