We take our responsibility in your infrastructure stack very serious. Precautions specified here will only be used in case a disaster strikes and our regular failover mechanisms are not able to recover service availability.

Disaster Recovery

To address information security requirements during a major crisis or disaster impacting business operations, we maintain a disaster recovery plan. The Storyblok Infrastructure Team reviews this plan annually and tests selected elements at least annually. Relevant findings are documented and tracked until resolution.


Data is backed up to a second physical location using a read replica with automatic failover. Additionally the data is backed up daily to Amazon S3 with a change log for a retention period of 30 days. Restoring is possible at any point in time within 30 days.

Business contingency

Storyblok has outgrown it’s early startup days already and we are an established company with customers which are part of the Fortune 500 list. But we understand that you would like to make sure that your business can continue even if something unforeseeable happens to Storyblok. There are three considerations to continue your operation.