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Why your partner space is in "development mode"

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  • Why is my partner space in "development mode"?

Once you've created a development space in your partner portal, it will show the space as being in development mode. In the development mode, you will have access to all Business features as long as you do not have any collaborators on the space itself. Your Team Members of the Partner Portal will have unrestricted access to those spaces as well.

Section titled Limitations of the development mode

In the development mode publishing stories is limited to 10 per day. After that you will get a message "This space is in the development mode. Publishing is limited to 10 publishes per day. Please upgrade the space." This is because the development mode is meant for developing purposes only, after you hand your project over to a client, they should subscribe their space to a real plan to get all functionalities.


Adding a subscription to you development space will move it out of being a "development space". After that you will only have the features that the current space will be subscribed to. Your partner portal team members will still have access to the space.