What is an extended activity log?

'Activity Logs' represent the history of your actions performed on Storyblok. They can also be understood as traces of the web activities. The bigger a project is and the more people working on the same project, the more likely it is to encounter small errors and mistakes. This becomes a problem for bigger projects because these small issues can easily snowball if left unattended. This is why our ‘Extended Activity Logs’ for our Enterprise plans are such an important feature. This feature guarantees a longer retention time for your activity logs (180 days) to give you more control over your space and the ability to make necessary changes on the go.

Here is how long the Activity logs are stored per subscription plan:

  1. Community - 3 days

  2. Entry - 7 days

  3. Teams - 30 days

  4. Enterprise - 180 days

  5. Enterprise Plus - unlimited