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What is meant by "10% Revenue Share"

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  • What is meant by "10% Revenue Share"

Revenue share is the means by which you can make additional earnings based on the number of clients you bring to Storyblok. As your clients will be paying a monthly/yearly subscription fee for Storyblok access, you as our partner will be entitled to a percentage of the subscription fee, the ‘revenue share’. Therefore, you will receive a 10% revenue share for every new subscription created through your confirmed Partner Portal.

We issue 10% revenue share for the billed customers on Self-Service subscription plans, which is calculated on the subscription fee paid by the customer to Storyblok, net of any discounts, credits, taxes or payment provider fees in EUR through Stripe Connect.
Please note that Storyblok processes revenue share on self-service licenses via Stripe only. So, kindly check Stripe’s restrictions in your country and region. Due to Stripe restrictions, Storyblok cannot process revenue share in the USA and APAC.

We also issue 10% revenue share for all Enterprise customers who have the option of signing one or multi-year contracts. The revenue share is paid after the client has paid their license invoice. Unlike Self-Service subscriptions, in the case of Enterprise plans, the payment happens manually and is transferred directly to bank accounts.