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Setting up Stripe Connect

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  • Setting up Stripe Connect

Get revenue share by connecting your Stripe account in the settings area.


If you create spaces before you set-up your Stripe account in your Partner Portal there will be no revenue share even though you created the space in the Partner Portal.

1 - Go to the Stripe account creation page and follow the steps. For this, you must have prepared company details, such as: Company register ID, VAT number, Address, business representatives, owners, directors, a credit card statement, bank details then, you must setup a two-step authentication


In order to get your account approved and activated in a timely manner, have all the above details prepared ahead.

2 - Afterwards, visit the Storyblok Partner Portal, go to Settings where you will be able to see a Connect to Stripe button. Once all details listed at the Step 1 are completed and validated, your partner account will be connected to the Stripe Account.

Kindly note that Stripe does not operate in all countries globally, and we can not pay revenue share for self-service spaces in those countries. Enterprise revenue share is still supported however.