Setting up Stripe Connect

Get revenue share by connecting your Stripe account in the settings area.


If you create spaces before you set-up your Stripe account in your Partner Portal there will be no revenue share even though you created the space in the Partner Portal.

1 - Go to the Stripe account creation page and follow the steps. For this, you must have prepared company details, such as: Company register ID, VAT number, Address, business representatives, owners, directors, a credit card statement, bank details then, you must setup a two-step authentication


In order to get your account approved and activated in a timely manner, have all the above details prepared ahead.

Storyblok editing capabilities

2 - Afterwards, visit the Storyblok Partner Portal, go to Settings where you will be able to see a Connect to Stripe button. Once all details listed at the Step 1 are completed and validated, your partner account will be connected to the Stripe Account.

Storyblok editing capabilities