There's a limit of 10 publishes per day, what can we do if it's not enough?

The 10 publishes per day is a hard limit. Still, the added billed user to a space can publish any content changes that you may need to make, which is a way out of this situation.

Alternatively, this can be bypassed, as you don’t need to actually publish every change during your development. You can simply press the "Save" button, just beside the "Publish" one (you don’t have any limit for it), and you will be able to save a draft of your content, check the design, and all the functionality thanks to our visual editor, in real-time.

In fact, by pressing “Save” you are creating a draft version of your content, and by pressing the rounded arrow on the right top of the editor you can see all the drafts you have been creating. By pressing “Publish” instead, you are triggering the webhooks, and that starts to deploy the changes on their frontend technology. The publish function also merges all the previous “draft saved versions”.

Thanks to this feature, you are also able to go back through previously published versions of your content and restore them if needed. If you need to share the current progress with your client, besides the “Save” button, always on the top right of the editor, there is the “Preview Tool”. By pressing that, you will add a special token to the URL of the page and you are free to send it to your client, in order to show him the current stage of the project. This works even if the client doesn’t have access to the space yet.

Mentioned steps are closely connected to our Visual Editor and the preview feature - it can help you handle the publishing limit indirectly, moreover, they can assure you that wished changes will be done exactly in a way you want them to be displayed.