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Where can I find detailed information about your support team?

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  • Where can I find detailed information about your support team?

Storyblok’s support team is always there for you to provide help with a wide range of topics and challenges you might come across when creating projects with us. In order to make your and your customers’ life easier, there are a variety of ways you can reach us:

  • If you’d like to talk to us in real-time, we invite you to visit our Storyblok Discord channel. There you can meet people from our Storyblok community who are waiting to answer your questions and discuss topics you need our help with.
  • You can contact us even more directly by using the live-chat widget that you can find on most of our websites, where you can ask questions focused on the service itself.
  • If your questions are related to project implementation, please find additional help guides here.

Additionally, we offer the Extended Support Package as an optional add-on available for both the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus Plans. You can activate the Extended Support Package for an added cost to your plan. Visit our Extended Support FaQ page to learn more.