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Free license: When can I get it and how can I know how to use it?

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  • Free license: When can I get it and how can I know how to use it?

The agency license is free forever for your team and is given to all of our partners in order for you to build your agency website with Storyblok. We highly encourage you to do so! You can get your license shortly after being registered as our partner. Please speak to your dedicated Partner Success Manager to get more information about your license’s access, procedures, and all the related details.

To start with the know-how of our agency’s first project and to uncover all the Storyblok’s functionalities please feel free to read our documentation that covers a wide range of topics related to working on your first project. You’ll also be invited to attend our Technical Enablement sessions. During these meetings, you’ll be able to discover our exceptional functionalities and deeply understand many useful tools and features. We guarantee - after our sessions, you’re going to be a Storyblok’s master!