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Setting up customer subscription payments

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  • Setting up customer subscription payments

You're done with your set-up and are at a stage where you would like your customers to be added to a space within your Partner Portal so they can add and start managing content. To allow customers access to a space you will have to add them as new users.

Within a Storyblok space you're able to add one user before subscribing so that this user can have access to manage the subscription by themselves.

Please note that this action can be performed only by an admin or an owner of the space.

Section titled Give subscription management access to users

  1. Navigate to your space settings
  2. Press the "Users" tab
  3. Click on the “Add new user” button

Section titled Set up the role and allow managing subscription

  1. Enter the user data
  2. Select and choose the needed role
  3. Important: Select the "Allow managing subscription" button
  4. Click on "Send"

The "Subscription" option should now appear for the user on the main dashboard on the left side.


We recommend to never transfer the ownership of a space to your customer as this will result in them having admin access to the space and even change component definitions.