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How to create a Partner account

  • FAQ
  • How to create a Partner account

The Storyblok Partner Program is a multifaceted community where partners can learn about Storyblok, find the right customer leads, and dedicated support from our partner management team, to start! Our Partner Program is designed and designated to help our partners find the right customers. We encourage all technology agencies, eCommerce agencies & digital agencies to join our Partner Program to be a part of a community of Storyblok specialists.

To join the Partner Program, every potential partner needs to go to our dedicated Partner Page, and fill out the Partner sign up form. Once Storyblok receives the application, it will undergo a verification process to verify your suitability for the program. Once completed, we will be in touch to explain the next steps in our partner onboarding process.

The following step-by-step instructions are designed to guide you through the journey on how to register for the Storyblok Partner Program.

1. Start your Partner Journey

Head over to and click on ‘Become a Partner’

2. Sign in or Sign up!

If you do not have a Storyblok account, select ‘Sign up’ below the sign in fields

3. Create your account (if you already have an account, please proceed to step 7)

Enter your email address, password, and repeated password at the following screen

4. Let’s get started

On the following screen, fill out the following information: role, name, company, phone number, job function, and business area. Then click ‘Continue’

5. Create a Space

You now have the option to dive right into Storyblok by creating a space or exploring what Storyblok has to offer with some example spaces. If you would prefer to do this step at a later time, you can select ‘skip, create later’’ at the bottom of the page.


When deciding on a server location, choose the server location that is closest to your team that is creating content. This will ensure a faster response time. Once selected, the server location cannot currently be changed.

6. Discover Spaces and the Partner Portal

We recommend you watch the video presented and read through the introductory tutorial on the following page to take a mini tour around the partner portal. Click ‘Continue’ to move through the tutorial or feel free to ‘skip’ if you are already familiar with Storyblok

7. Head to the Partner Portal

It’s time to get you into the Portal! Click on ‘Partner Portal’ on the left side of the screen.

8. Joining the Storyblok Partner Portal

Read through the Partner parameters to ensure you are a good fit for the program. If you would like further information, please click ‘Learn more about Storyblok’s Partner Program’. When you are ready, select ‘Continue’

9. Time to enter some account information

Fill out your company details in the following fields. All of this information can be changed at a later date. When completed, select ‘Continue to next step’.

10. Tell us more about your business

Continue on by filling out further information about your business. Once finished, select ‘Continue’.


If you have any questions about the Partner Agreement, feel free to drop a message via our Support Chat button shown on the down-right side of this page.

Congratulations! You have completed your Partner Portal registration. The next step is to look out for an email from our Partner Team. In meantime, we encourage you to get familiar with the Partner Portal. Create your first space, add team members, and start making stories! You can visit the learning center for courses, documentation, and case studies to get oriented and inspired. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Partner Growth Specialist should you have any questions or concerns.


The Storyblok Team