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How to invite your team as staff members

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  • How to invite your team as staff members

In your Storyblok Partner Portal you can invite your team members to manage your projects alongside you for free. When adding team members, you can choose between ‘Owner’ or ‘Member’ to control what each team member has access to.

Member: Can manage spaces and apps.

Owner: Can manage users, spaces, apps, partner account settings, and see finances.

Section titled Step by Step Step by Step

  1. Open your Storyblok Partner Portal
  2. Click on Team Management
  3. Press the button + Add Member on the top right corner
  4. Enter the email of your colleague
  5. Select the access level whether Member or Owner
  6. Press Create

An invitation will be sent to your colleague. After clicking the link sent to them via email, they will be asked to log-in or create an account. At this point, they will have access to your partner portal with the pre-defined role.