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VividFront - Everything you need, Nothing you don’t

Ana Ilievska
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

The decision to bring on an agency is hardly ever an easy one. When faced with a multi-six-figure web investment, clients have to trust that the agency pitching them understands the scope of the project – that they’ve gathered all the requirements, vetted the best tech platforms, and are experienced enough to deliver on their promises. For an agency like VividFront, this is a no-brainer. That’s why they guarantee right-sized solutions and deliver what’s in the scope of their work, or it’s free.

The world is changing.
With VividFront, the future is Vivid!

VividFront is an integrated digital agency that consistently delivers results for clients. For more than 14 years, they have fostered a service-oriented reputation, consistently surpassing expectations at every level of engagement. They work primarily with a referral-based clientele and have built a business on relationships, not outbound selling.

VividFront’s services range from design & branding to web development & eCommerce to marketing and consulting.

VividFront’s team consists of many experts with entrepreneurial backgrounds, helping leaders manage the unpredictable and rapidly evolving digital world. They are committed to making your brand’s touchpoints VIVID while keeping your goals in FRONT.

Quote from Nathan Stat, Senior Account Executive @ VividFront

We don’t overcomplicate projects to make more money. Instead, we recommend the right-sized solution for our clients’ unique needs, knock it out of the park, and earn more business as a result.

Nathan Stat
Nathan Stat
Senior Account Executive @ VividFront

Here is why we love VividFront:

  • A one-stop shop for comprehensive digital services Everything at VividFront happens under “one roof.” They have all the necessary skills in-house to scale brands digitally. Clients often say they are refreshing because they clash with the standard agency “smoke & mirrors” stigmas. With VividFront, your brand will never get stuck playing vendor bingo where your paid media or web services agencies are placing the blame for their failure on others. With everything under one roof at VividFront, there’s no finger-pointing and unmatched accountability.
  • They treat client resources as if they were their own When recommending tech stacks, VividFront avoids “black boxes” at all costs, so clients aren’t chained to a solution (or their team) that will create technical debt later on. If the team notices inefficiencies in time spent by the clients’ team or VividFront’s internal team working on their business, they’ll speak up. They would prefer to lose a project or decrease a scope before recommending something they don’t stand behind. How amazing is that?
  • They are humble experts
    If an initiative isn’t working, they’ll fall on the sword, tell the client, and propose a pivot. The VividFront team doesn’t have time for egos – they just get in the way of results. The team is constantly sharpening their skills and maintaining mastery of their crafts.

The journey that led to Storyblok

For VividFront, the search for the perfect Content Management System (CMS) started in 2020, with a focus on headless. Having had experience with a few other popular headless CMS, they wanted to get a feel of the current landscape. During their research, Storyblok appeared as a strong option with one huge differentiator, native visual editing capabilities.

Quote from Joseph Testa, Managing Director of Development @ VividFront

Flexibility and control are cornerstone needs for many of our clients, and we haven’t found another CMS that enables these aspects quite like Storyblok. The platform allows us to provide a fully customizable front-end experience for users and the ability to shape the way our clients edit and create content.

Joseph Testa
Joseph Testa
Managing Director of Development @ VividFront

When VividFront discovered Storyblok, they started to dig deeper and compare it to other CMSs based on the following criteria: API-based, fully hosted, eCommerce integration support (Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.), localization support along with thorough documentation, extensibility through apps/plugins, content versioning, content scheduling, content backups, user management and role/access control, and image/media optimization and manipulation. Through that research, Storyblok came out on top.

Quote from Joseph Testa, Managing Director of Development @ VividFront

Storyblok has changed the way our team crafts best-in-class website experiences. We no longer need to be confined to choosing one platform to handle everything. Instead, Storyblok allows us to design fully custom websites that bring in the features of platforms that they do best.

Joseph Testa
Joseph Testa
Managing Director of Development @ VividFront

VividFront’s development team is well-versed in both JAM stack and LAMP stack applications. For the headless space, they typically favor the JAM stack approach. This approach allows them to harness the full power of microservice-based architecture, with Storyblok being the core piece that pulls all the pieces together into a united CMS experience. Within the JAM stack, they use React alongside Next.js to create their end products, and Vercel is their preferred serverless provider.

Quote from Nathan Statt, Senior Account Executive @ VividFront

Storyblok has solved the limitations that come with all monolithic content management systems. When clients want full design control and the ability to bring other platforms into the website experience, we now have a partner that can do both.

Nathan Statt
Nathan Statt
Senior Account Executive @ VividFront

Built with Storyblok

Green Paper Products provides sustainable alternatives to environmentally harmful tableware and food service products. They have an impressive selection of high-quality biodegradable and compostable products from renewable sources. VividFront utilized Storyblok to quickly design and develop a custom website experience that modernized the brand without taking away what made Green Paper Products special. With the updated website, Green Paper Products achieved built-in scalability with a headless approach.

Shortly after the website launch, VividFront noticed a significant decrease in the bounce rate and a very stable conversion rate.

  • 16% Decrease in Sitewide Bounce Rate
  • 25% Increase in Direct Traffic Conversion Rate
  • 12.5% Increase in Sitewide Conversion Rate

Check out the complete case study to learn more about the objectives, process, and achievements.

Wüsthof is a knife-maker based in Solingen, Germany, that has been family-owned for seven generations. The company sells mid to high-end kitchen knives for both domestic and professional use, making them one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chef’s knives sold in over 80 countries, with North America being considered Wüsthof’s largest market. With the help of VividFront, a global direct-to-consumer site for Wüsthof was launched in 3 months.

Wüsthof’s overall site performance 60-days post-launch saw an improved user experience that led to an increase of 39.24% in website users, a 50% increase in organic website traffic, and a seamless online shopping experience that lent to a 50% jump in revenue. On top of that, their Google Lighthouse scores soared into the 90s, on par with exactly what they needed for a fast-performing site made for optimal customer experiences.

Check out the complete case study to learn more about the objectives, process, and achievements.

Partner of the Month

Collaborating with VividFront has been a true pleasure for us at Storyblok. They are a team of enthusiasts and experts who work very hard to deliver the right solutions to their clients, which results in truly scalable and impressive results. We are proud to be partners and friends with an organization and a team of such caliber. Therefore, we are happy to announce that VividFront is Storyblok’s February 2023 Partner of the Month! You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or by visiting their Storyblok Partner Listing.