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u+i interact - Composable and client-centric business models of tomorrow

Agata Kędzia
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

u+i interact is a team of more than 100 consulting and implementation experts collaborating closely to bring digital business models to life. Founded in 2007, the agency has grown from 5 to 100 people, each with their own area of expertise. It allows them to provide a wide spectrum of services to their clients and partners, from consulting, design, and project implementation to (online) marketing.

The agency aims to deliver value to the people who use their clients' platforms and products in every project. At the same time, they always strive to partner closely with their clients to exchange knowledge, interact closely, and minimize friction. It leads to long-term trust and relationships, which results in exciting project outcomes and achievements.

Check out the agency’s Storyblok partner listing page to learn more about the amazing projects they create.

Section titled u+i interact client-centered way of working u+i interact client-centered way of working

u+i interact, like us, strives for mutual engagement with their clients when creating projects. In terms of how they work, here's what makes them exceptional:

  • Attentive project initiation: u+i interact constantly aims to understand the business and their challenges to create a perfectly tailored digital solution.
  • Expertise: The agency utilizes all areas of expertise from the very beginning of their projects while maintaining agile workflows and smooth information interchange, both inside their team as well as with a client.
  • Deep dive: u+i interact attaches great importance to getting everyone on board and digging deep into all project requirements and expectations.

And, what's most important, they value customer-centricity and agile teams that can "do the right thing right." u+i interact always try to see their clients’ requirements from different perspectives and offer various services that perfectly cover all projects' specific challenges.

Section titled Bringing customers' visions to life with Storyblok Bringing customers' visions to life with Storyblok

Quote from Sara Rauschner, Head of Experience Platforms + Connections at u+i interact

Selecting Storyblok means embracing and supporting composable and adaptable businesses. With Storyblok, we maintain very high flexibility while ensuring stability and user-friendly content editing at the same time.

Sara Rauschner
Sara Rauschner
Head of Experience Platforms + Connections at u+i interact

Observing trends in the current market, u+i interact are aware of the increasing demand for the implementation of headless architecture. Having many years of experience in the business, the agency was searching for the perfect composable solution that would enable them to cover their client-centric approach fully. After thorough research into headless Content Management Systems (CMSs), Storyblok was an ideal base for them to build, develop, and manage their clients' projects. Moreover, it turned out that Storyblok was already known to their clients - u+i interact's customers were actively bringing the CMS into the discussion and were reporting their desire to create projects based on this solution.

Here's exactly why u+i interact decided to partner with Storyblok:

  • With Storyblok, u+i interact can implement the technology stack of their (and their clients') choice, which often consists of Next.js, React, and Vercel. It enables them to ensure very high performance of the projects they create and saves time in the new technologies learning process.
  • u+i interact appreciates Storyblok's great possibilities in flexible content editing, which suits their clients' needs. While the content layer is decoupled from the front end, content editors have freedom in content creation and can see their work results immediately.
  • The agency's clients enjoy Storyblok's extensive features needed to create fully immersive digital experiences, such as flexible workflows, API-connection possibilities, and future-proof solutions implementation.

Quote from Niklas Postulart, Frontend Solution Architect at u+i interact

Using Storyblok’s folder structure and its Visual Editor is truly changing how we implement certain solutions, providing developers and editors with the necessary tools to build outstanding products.

Niklas Postulart
Niklas Postulart
Frontend Solution Architect at u+i interact

Section titled Case Study: Building a new corporate identity for Schuttflix Case Study: Building a new corporate identity for Schuttflix

Schüttflix, a logistic platform for Europe's construction sites, turned to u+i interact to get support in relaunching their web and content platform. The project's goals were to restructure their current platform regarding content creation and marketing-related features, improve the company's content workflows, and reach different markets and customer bases.

The agency overcame these challenges by using Storyblok's composable architecture, which made it possible to compose a suitable tech landscape according to their client's wishes. u+i interact combined Storyblok with future-proof solutions such as Next.js, React, Vercel, GitHub, and TypeScript, assuring the website's infallible workflows and streamlined interactivity.

Another reason why adopting Storyblok was an excellent choice for Schüttflix was its Visual Editor, which gave flexibility for marketers in terms of convenient content creation, management, and maintenance. Finally, Schüttflix's team appreciated Storyblok's easy-to-follow internal structures, such as content catalogs and folders, composable content blocks, and nestable, reusable presets, which gave them complete control over content creation and project management.

Storyblok's implementation resulted in outstanding achievements:

  • Increased platform performance - 100% website uptime
  • Improved page's speed - min. 90% score in all the website's areas
  • The website went live and introduced its new corporate design in 4 languages: German, English, Polish, and Czech.

Section titled Partner of the Month Partner of the Month

Today, Storyblok is an integral part of u+i interact's composable setup they implement into the projects they work on. While building projects, the agency constantly gets a lot of positive feedback about Storyblok from developers and content editors they collaborate with, which they see as a good sign as to the choice of CMS they offer their customers.

We 100% share u+i interact's future-oriented and client-centered approach when creating digital projects. That's why we're thrilled to announce that u+i interact is our September Partner of the Month! We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their services. Also, feel free to check out their Storyblok partner listing page.