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Storyblok's new pricing FAQ: Introducing the Business Plan

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Welcome to the new pricing FAQ. Effective October 16th, we will be introducing our new pricing structure, built to provide our customers with more flexibility, scalability, and resources. Alongside several changes to our existing plans in order to increase the possibilities of building better digital experiences, we will replace our Teams plan with the all-new "Business Plan". A plan packed with extensive features enabling growing brands and agencies to further scale their content with our self-service offering.

Please find the answers to the FAQ's below.


Why introduce the Business plan?
With the Business plan, we would like to improve the possibilities by which growing companies can scale their content. By offering a plan with an increased number of content features and ecommerce integrations, we believe this further helps these companies to grow their content with our self-service offerings.

What are the main benefits of the Business plan?
With the new Business plan, we aim to help growing businesses to further scale their content with our self-service offering. The main benefits are:

  1. More user seats --> 20
  2. Increased scalability -->
    1. Custom roles: 20
    2. Custom Metadata Fields: 5
    3. Content history: 60 days
    4. Webhooks: 5
    5. Max Asset size: 1GB
  3. Ecommerce integrations --> Shopify, Saleor, Centra

What happens with the Teams plan?
The Business plan will replace the Teams plan. Users and Storyblok spaces that currently run on the Teams plan will remain on this plan. They will keep the same pricing and no changes are necessary from their side.

It is important to note that after October 16, Teams plan users will be able to remove seats and invite/remove users but are not able to add any more new seats on top of the 10 included in the Teams plan.

What are the exact differences between the Teams plan and the Business plan?
The exact changes of the Business plan compared to the Teams plan are shown in this table:

Will the same limitations apply to the Business plan as to the Teams plan?
Yes. Apart from the updates in the business plan, the rest of the values and limitations will stay the same as it was on the Teams plan.

Why introduce changes to the other plans?
To double down on our promise to scale your content we are also updating some of the main features in our existing plans (Community, Entry, Enterprise (+)). With these changes we want to help businesses of all sizes avoid limitations and offer plans that will best help them scale their content.

What are the exact changes to the existing plans?
The exact changes of the community, entry, and Enterprise(+) plans can be found in this table:

Why will the price of the Enterprise plan increase?
Over the past years, we not only introduced Storyblok V2 as a completely new and better way to manage content, but also we introduced several improvements to our CMS. These enhancements provide more value, and ensure that our CMS remains at the forefront of how a modern CMS should work. The price adjustments will also support our ongoing development efforts into new CMS innovations that will benefit all enterprise users by generating productivity gains on how their teams collaborate.