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Naturaily: Storyblok, Jamstack & Headless natural advocates

Agata Kędzia

Naturaily is a Jamstack and headless e-commerce agency based out in Poland (though acting as a fully-remote company). They’re a team of skilled professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field of custom web and mobile development gained through ~150 various projects. The agency’s industry expertise includes PR/digital agencies, e-commerce, SaaS companies and Startups, MedTech, FinTech, and Consulting/Business Services. They cooperate with customers mostly from USA & EMEA, UK, DACH & Scandinavia.

A few years ago, being real experts in web & e-commerce development, the agency quickly began to notice the monolithic architecture’s constraints and lock-ins which were causing inefficient workflows when creating digital platforms for their customers. Just when the Jamstack and Headless approaches emerged, the agency quickly decided to join the movement, with a goal to deliver greater performance, more flexibility & easier customizability of their customers’ websites and applications. Why? Because that’s what their customers needed and Naturaily wanted to deliver only future-proof solutions to their clients – not the ones the market was accustomed to.

We highly recommend visiting Naturaily’s Storyblok Partner Listing page to discover all the amazing projects we’ve done together.

Section titled We naturally love each other

Why do we appreciate our partnership with Naturaily so much? Firstly, we strongly identify with their values and believe that their vibe naturally resonates with our corporate culture. Here’s why:

  • They care for a cooperative spirit and transparency
  • The agency solves problems together, helps each other, and no one is left alone
  • They think a person is more important than a metric and care for employees' well-being
  • Everyone can influence their development as all of their employees have individual career paths
  • They are easy-goers and witty but serious when it’s needed
  • Naturaily does their best to let their clients feel this vibe during the cooperation, too

Moreover, we appreciate Naturaily’s goals in terms of reaching their customers’ business targets by choosing the most accurate technologies for the greatest use of their know-how. They always strive to provide a pleasant cooperation experience for the client’s team by acting as a savvy, supportive & reliable business advisor and helping their customers achieve success through the use of innovative, accurately chosen technologies.

They know their clients need convenient, user-friendly, and scalable web platforms to function and grow so they advise clients at every stage to make decisions with peace of mind. No matter what kind of website is needed, they’re always there, on the same page, to make free customization and streamlined content management possible.

We truly believe we have a lot in common and can learn from each other, which makes our partnership special and mutually beneficial.

Section titled Naturaily’s natural road to Storyblok

From the very beginning, Naturaily's core approach was to deliver only future-proof solutions to their clients. A few years ago, they noticed that to do so, they should switch from providing services within monolithic architecture to making their clients benefit from ultra-performative and flexible Jamstack approach and Headless architecture.

In search of the best solution, the agency conducted a thorough and detailed review and investigation of the headless CMS market to find the one that best matches their clients and partners' requirements. Once they came across Storyblok, it naturally led to a mutual collaboration and long-lasting partnership.

Section titled Why Storyblok?

Quote from Konrad Kuceł, Head of Growth at Naturaily

Storyblok is a great CMS because it lets us precisely support our clients in reaching their business targets and needs: more flexibility, better performance, and more effective maintenance.

Konrad Kuceł
Konrad Kuceł
Head of Growth at Naturaily

Here are the reasons why Naturaily chose Storyblok as the perfect digital solution for their clients:

  • Storyblok supports a wide range of content types, including images, videos, and documents. Also, it allows for granular user permissions to ensure secure content management
  • Provides a headless CMS architecture that enables developers to create custom front-end experiences using any framework (with Next, Nuxt, Vue, Node, and Gatsby being their favorites). The agency especially appreciates Storyblok’s ability to create custom APIs and integrate them with any front-end framework. It’s very easy to maintain and develop websites
  • It offers a Visual Editor with a live preview functionality for creating and managing content
  • No limits to embedding reusable components within each other, making the components nesting as flexible as it can be
  • Great for Headless/Composable eCommerce projects
  • Perfect partner program and technical support availability
  • No language limits, great flexibility of internalization
  • Great SEO support and usable Webhooks

Quote from Konrad Kuceł, Head of Growth at Naturaily

Storyblok streamlined our time-to-market and consistency. Its system is based on reusable components, which means developers can create, customize, and reuse components across different pages or projects. This can reduce development time and ensure a consistent look and feel across the application.

Konrad Kuceł
Konrad Kuceł
Head of Growth at Naturaily

Section titled How Storyblok helps Naturaily live up to their projects’ challenges?

We’re over the moon to help the agency create digital platforms in so many ways, but how exactly do we do it? Naturaily shared some specific examples of how they benefit from our functionalities when it comes to website migration. Oftentimes, they’re faced with understandable concerns their clients express, and below’s how Storyblok helps them tackle the questions.

Data loss: The most prominent concern. Clients worry that their valuable data, such as blog posts, customer reviews, or product descriptions, might be lost during the migration process.
-> How do we help?
Storyblok provides robust content migration tools that help ensure no data is lost during the migration process. It also supports bulk operations and a comprehensive API for programmatically managing content.

Quote from Tomasz Kordyś, Head of Delivery at Naturaily

Storyblok offers a user-friendly, visual editor that can help reduce the learning curve for non-technical team members. Combined with a really convenient interface, this makes the learning process smooth and fun.

Tomasz Kordyś
Tomasz Kordyś
Head of Delivery at Naturaily

SEO Impact: Clients are also concerned about the potential negative impact on their search engine rankings. Changing URL structures, altering content, or incorrectly setting up redirects can harm SEO.

-> How do we help?
Storyblok's flexible content modeling and management features allow you to maintain your URL structures and other SEO-important elements. Its plugin system also enables the use of SEO-focused plugins.

Cost: Migrations can be complex and time-consuming, and clients often worry about the costs involved.

-> How do we help?
With Storyblok, the cost of migration can be reduced due to its developer-friendly tools and the efficiency of its content management system.

Training: If the new CMS has a different interface or functionality, clients may be concerned about the learning curve for their team.

-> How do we help?
Storyblok offers a user-friendly, visual editor that can help reduce the learning curve for non-technical team members.

Section titled How Naturaily transformed Baugenossenschaft Letten's platform for the future

BGL’s previous digital platform was built ten years before, and it had an anachronous feel with its simple table structure. It had no user experience and it was difficult to navigate the website as it essentially had plain text. Also, BGL didn’t have the possibility to include the visuals they wanted to have properly and weren’t able to flexibly change the content. They wanted to revamp their brand identity and provide a proper platform for their community.

The main project requirements were to create a lightweight website, both in terms of visuals and page speed as well as create a digital platform built with future-proof technology.

Considering a few CMS options, Storyblok had the best benefits in terms of user experience, website maintenance, and technology stack possibilities. The decisive factor was also the Visual Editor, which allowed BGL to see the changes and results almost instantly, and they were convinced to go with Storyblok. There was also a consideration towards pricing, with Storyblok being the best choice as it offers flexible, transparent, and predictable pricing.

Finally, overcoming a couple of technology challenges during the setup of the Graph QL API and the Rest API, BGL currently enjoys a platform on which they are able to store and manage a more meaningful and close relationship with their audience.

Section titled There are more things that connect us

We’re not the only ones who are fascinated by Naturaily’s special achievements. In 2020, 2021, and 2022, Naturaily was recognized as one of the Clutch Global Top 1000 Companies & 2022 Top NextJS Developers Globally. What we love most about them is that their projects are not just about technology-solving problems. Naturaily has a “walking in their client’s shoes” mission and believes it’s the key to mutual success, ensuring that they understand how their clients’ businesses operate on a daily basis, allowing them to become a supplementary technological extension of their organization. We share this approach 100% and are convinced this partnership will last for a long time, benefiting from mutual learning and inspiration.

Section titled Naturaily and Storyblok at Infoshare Poland 2023 conference

We had the pleasure of meeting them at Infoshare 2023 in Gdańsk (Poland) - a technology conference where software developers, business leaders, startuppers, investors, marketers, and enthusiasts of technology can get together, learn, and get inspired by each other.

At the event, we shared a booth where anyone could join us to talk about our projects, headless commerce, digital solutions, and much more. Our guests could take part in competitions prepared by Naturaily, try our jam (stack) sandwiches, and win vouchers for free project consultations from the agency.

Our cooperation during the event was amazing! We had the opportunity to finally meet in person, learn and get inspired by each other, talk about our joint plans for the future, and also become friends and have fun! We’re looking forward to our next joint events where we can shape the future of digital storytelling together.

Section titled Partner of the Month

We’re over the moon that Naturaily is Storyblok’s June 2023 Partner of the Month! Interested how else can the agency amaze you with their exceptional approach and projects? Feel free to visit Naturaily’s Storyblok Partner Listing page, discover the agency’s website or contact Naturaily directly.