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Interested in winning a 10K co-marketing Partner Fund?

Ana Ilievska
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Ta-da! The moment we have all been waiting for is here: Announcing Storyblok’s Partner Contest II!

Are you interested in turning your $/€ 5K co-marketing budget into 15K? If so, this is your opportunity! We’re launching our second exclusive Partner Contest on January 23rd, 2023, where Certified Storyblok Partners will have the chance to win $/€ 10K to realize their co-marketing ideas with Storyblok. Therefore, we are calling on all of our Certified Partners to submit your most creative co-marketing ideas for an opportunity to win a 10K co-marketing budget.

Section titled Do you have a crazy marketing idea that you want to turn into reality? We want to hear it! Do you have a crazy marketing idea that you want to turn into reality? We want to hear it!

Submit your co-marketing ideas HERE by March 23rd. Once all ideas are submitted, our jury, consisting of Thomas Peham - VP of Marketing, Barry D’Arcy - VP of Partners, and a guest CMO expert, will choose the winners based on story quality, size of outreach, return on investment, and creativity. All ideas need to be in the form of a co-marketing initiative with Storyblok. The winners will be announced on March 29th, 2023.

Quote from Barry D'Arcy, VP of Partners @ Storyblok

We maintain our commitment to investing in our partner’s growth and supporting them to build business with Storyblok. Therefore, I am thrilled about our second Partner Marketing Fund Contest. This time, we will focus on supporting our Certified Agency Partners to ideate and build Enterprise business. We look forward to reviewing another batch of creative submissions and supporting our partners toward success in 2023.

Barry D'Arcy
Barry D'Arcy
VP of Partners @ Storyblok

Section titled How to compete? How to compete?

Our second Partner Contest will be centered around lead generation and new deals, with a focus on enterprise. We want to work with you on marketing campaigns that will help us both generate more business. Some examples of co-marketing campaigns could be account-based marketing, Linkedin ads, paid campaigns, executive events, and much more.

Here are the steps your agency needs to take in order to win:

  • Be a Certified Storyblok Partner.
  • Visit and submit your most creative co-marketing idea directly here by March 23rd, 2023.
  • Once you’ve submitted your idea, a quick 15 min call will be scheduled with our Partner Marketing Manager to review any further details.
  • The contest ends on March 23rd, 2023. All submissions are reviewed by our jury.
  • Results are announced via email and social media on March 29th, 2023.
  • You won! Start building your campaign with Storyblok

Quote from Selina Kelcz, Partner Marketing Manager @ Storyblok

We're always excited to discuss new concepts and ideas with our partners. We believe that working collaboratively is always the way to go. Our Partner Success Managers are center stage in building this relationship and seeing it flourish. Ultimately, our Partner's success is our success

Selina Kelcz
Selina Kelcz
Partner Marketing Manager @ Storyblok

For detailed information on Storyblok’s second Partner Contest, visit our Partner Playbook landing page.

Section titled Why a Partner Contest? Why a Partner Contest?

In July of 2022, Storyblok announced the launch of our $1.5M Partner Fund. This fund enables us to support the growth and success of our Agency Partners and develop co-marketing activities that encompass a best-of-breed, headless architecture as the foundation to allow agencies to create and scale better content experiences for their clients. We distribute the funds to our Partners through multiple initiatives, including a 5K budget that every Storyblok Certified Partner can use to highlight their collaboration with Storyblok in any way they want: events, guerilla marketing, content development, ad campaigns, etc. In Q4 of 2023, we decided to launch our Exclusive Partner Contest, where we encouraged our Certified Partners to submit their most creative co-marketing ideas for the chance to win a co-marketing budget of 10K.

Quote from Thomas Peham, VP of marketing @ Storyblok

After we announced the 1.5M partner marketing fund, I was amazed by all the great and creative ideas our partner community brought to us, the conversations it sparked, and the business impact it made. I tremendously enjoyed how we told so many different stories together with our partners in 2022 - be it at events, talks, webinars, or other digital campaigns.

Thomas Peham
Thomas Peham
VP of marketing @ Storyblok

Section titled How did our first Partner Contest go? How did our first Partner Contest go?

We are happy to tell you that we had an astounding number of idea submissions and decided to award not one but 15 Partners: 6 with a 10K and 9 with a 7K marketing budget each. Check out the complete list of winners in our blog article. The ideas shared in our first contest were truly creative and included a Jamstack academy, B2B experiential events, mindblowing online campaigns, creative webinars, fun video content, and much more.

One of the winning ideas came from our Agency Partner Made People, a Swedish e‑commerce agency working with top-performing brands, mostly within fashion and lifestyle. On 11/11/22, they organized their 11th birthday party with Storyblok and Centra in Stockholm, Sweden. It was an event where eCommerce industry leaders had an evening of networking, drinks, and dancing. Check out the video from the event:

The Storyblok team had a blast and our very own Thomas Peham, VP of Marketing, spoke to the crowd of about 200 attendees about Storyblok, content management, eCommerce and co-marketing.

Quote from Jonathan Selander, Co-Founder & CTO at Made People AB

Strong partnerships built on a shared goal and mutual respect are essential for an agency's success. Storyblok has, since day one, cared about their partnerships and kept an understanding and interest in our business. The Partner Competition is nothing but a testament to the understanding of and help for the strong ecosystem we’re building together.

Jonathan Selander
Jonathan Selander
Co-Founder & CTO at Made People AB

Section titled You’re still here? You’re still here?

Don’t waste time and start thinking about creative co-marketing ideas that can help you win a 10K co-marketing Partner Fund. Your agency builds powerful digital experiences. Storyblok offers the best headless CMS for developers and marketers alike. Let’s work together and make the best out of 2023.

Need more information? Visit the Partner Playbook landing page.