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Digitalization in the education industry: Headless CMS as a key component

Learn why the educational sector needs to update its technology stack and how a modern CMS can enhance the digital presence of such organizations.

  • What modern students expect from education
  • How technologies can accelerate the work of educational organizations
  • Guide on picking the right CMS as a key component of a tech stack

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Section titled What's Inside

While the digital landscape is constantly evolving, so should the educational institution to attract modern students and fulfill their needs.

This whitepaper explores how to choose a CMS that enables the development of an up-to-date, functional and converting learning website or a platform that will be user-friendly for developers, content editors, and students.

This whitepaper will help you explore and learn:

  • Key challenges for the education sector and how to address them

  • Technical aspects: How content management systems help address key pain points

  • Benefits of headless CMS for the education industry

  • Key features to look for in the CMS for educational institutions

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