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From where it all started in 2017 as just an idea, to first Headless CMS that works for all teams – giving flexibility and independence to developers, marketers, and content creators alike.

We’ve grown as a remote-first company with colleagues across 45+ countries.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of a group of incredibly smart, kind people who get great stuff done. People who are comfortable taking on big ideas and figuring out the details along the way tend to enjoy the light-touch level of process that we use. People with dreams and ambitions beyond their career tend to appreciate our unapologetic focus on balance and freedom, rather than just all-work, all-the-time.

We’re all made up of different backgrounds, and experiences from around the world. Our Storyblok team consists of a pro moto racer, music anthropologist, marine biologist, running fans, snow bunnies, ex-cabin crew on super-jumbo jets, a Boca Junior football fan, and more!

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All around the world

A fully-remote company

“Why weigh the location of your employees so highly in your decision-making process?”

Storyblok decided to go fully remote to hire the best talents, give our employees the flexibility of where and when they want to work, giving the reins of finding out the best work and life balance that best suits you, results over hours, and a greater diversity of individuals and talent.

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About us

Our Values

We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity, respect, and recognition, as well as fairness, diversity, and we strive to integrate these values into our behavior and practices.

One goal, many paths

We are a diverse community and we celebrate each team member’s unique background and life experience.

Everyone is part of the Story

As a remote company with people living all over the world, each of us holds a key to our success.

We Trust our Talents

We hire highly-skilled, dynamic people who exchange ideas and challenge assumptions.

Craft with responsibility and passion

Meaningful collaboration combined with intrinsic motivation helps us achieve great success.

Treat everyone equally

We are an ever-expanding global team, and we strive to share and embrace our different cultural and work backgrounds.

Gratitude and Respect

We are grateful to have the best people on our team. Since we are all so different, we believe that respect for everyone's culture is very important.

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Perks & Benefits

Storyblok is an all-in remote company, hiring excellent people from all over the world.

👉 Check out the detailed perks and benefits list here.

  • 💪 Flexible & Fully-Remote Work Environment

    As a fully remote company with work-life balance at its core, you can arrange start times and finish times around your life (picking up your kids, walking the dog, taking long lunches, or mid-work long walks). Generally, you have the freedom to decide when and where you work. Customer-facing roles are usually a bit more restrictive, as we want to be helpful whenever our customers need us as quickly as possible.

  • ⏰ Working Hours

    We follow each local country’s jurisdiction or the maximum amount of 38.5 hours per week as per the Austrian model since our company’s seat is based in Linz, Austria.

  • 🌴 Generous Vacation, Sick, Parental & Special Leave Policies

    You are entitled to 25 days paid annual leave (prorated if you are hired after Jan 15 of the year or if you work part-time and less than 5 days a week) plus your local public holidays. If the national labor law contains a better standard, it will be applied.

    When you are sick, we want you to fully recover. Read more about our Sick Leave Policy as soon as you are a team member.

    We understand that there are events in your life for which you need to take some time off. That’s why we have a Special Leave Policy (e.g., for marriage, bereavement, etc.).

  • ✈️ Team Events / Retreats

    As a fully remote company with team members living in different corners of the world, we have ongoing online fun team events. Some examples of events we have done in the past are a cinema night, a trivia night, a fitness and Tetris challenge, and online fitness classes taught by our own enthusiastic team members. The goal of these events is to get to know one another, keep in touch from far away, and ensure that we work well as a team. Eventually (pandemic/security situation permitting), we organize annual in-person team-building trips as well as more regular online and regional get-togethers.

  • 🌍 Diverse Team

    We have team members in more than 45 countries now! We’re all made up of different backgrounds, and experiences from around the world. Our Storyblok team consists of a pro moto racer, music anthropologist, marine biologist, running fans, snow bunnies, ex-cabin crew on super-jumbo jets, a Boca Junior football fan, and more!

  • 💻 High-quality, cutting-edge, equipment

    We want you to have a comfortable and productive working environment where you feel at ease. We offer you our standard home office equipment package, which includes: - MacBook laptop - Apple Magic mouse OR Logitech Master MX 3

  • 😌 Wellbeing

    Your physical and mental health are important to us at Storyblok. Storyblok team members lead, for example, special physical exercise sessions that everyone can enjoy from their home office virtually. Storyblok wants our team members to stay healthy and productive.

  • 🏢 Individual Working Environment + Home Allowance

    After your probation period you may continue working from home (option A) or opt for a local co-working space or rented office (option B) in your region if you wish.

    Option A: Home-office set-up. You will be able to order additional items depending on your business needs and subject to approval. These items include an electric adjustable desk that you can tweak if you prefer working standing or sitting, as well as an ergonomic chair. Additionally, you will receive an annual Home Office allowance of EUR 300 for utility bills.

    Option B: Co-Working Space or renting an office. We’ll provide you a membership to a local co-working space belonging to the Regus group or one of your preferences or you can rent a small office with rent reimbursed by Storyblok. (Note: You are not entitled to the Home Office allowance, if you use a co-working space or rent an office.)

  • 📚 Education and Development Opportunities

    We want to invest in you and make sure you have all the resources you need to grow within the company. In the beginning, we will provide you with training on the job. Once settled (after the first 3 months in the company), each member will be offered a career development fund for job-related courses, conferences, and materials. Storyblok will pay for the tech or subscriptions to help you to excel in your role. Check-in with your team to see what may already be available. If you are interested in a course or training to improve your skills or join a community, please let your manager know. We are happy to invest in your personal and professional development.

    Are you a bookworm? Curious to explore? Then we’ll order a work-related book of your choice for you. We would appreciate it if you shared a review of the book on once you’re done reading it.

    On top, you can use 2h per week / 8h per month within your working time to learn something new.

  • 💰 Competitive salary

    We have a fair and equitable compensation philosophy where we’ll always consider your experience, seniority and location.

  • 🧳 Business Travel Insurance

    Storyblok wants all team members to be safe during their business travels. The Business Travel Insurance covers traveling abroad for business purposes. The insurance provides all Storyblok team members with coverage for medical emergencies (including inpatient and outpatient) as well as the common risks of flight delays, lost luggage, and loss of travel documents.

  • 💸 Referral Incentives

    When you refer a candidate, you can get a referral bonus, and the candidate gets the chance to work in a fun and trusting environment.

  • 😎 Team Member Storyblok Swag & Celebration Gifts

    Each new team member receives a Storyblok welcome package — a Storyblok mug and a Storyblok T-shirt to show your pride in being part of our community and company. On certain occasions, like on Storyblok’s yearly anniversary, or to celebrate winter holidays, we send a special gift to everyone on the team. These tokens of appreciation are important to show Storyblok’s gratitude to our team members!

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Life at Storyblok

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The process may include one or more coffee chats, depending on the seniority of the role.


Each application will go through a detailed screen by our Talent Acquisition team.

First round of coffee chats

Our Talent Acquisition team will invite you for a coffee chat and if our expectations are aligned we’ll arrange a 2nd coffee chat with the hiring manager.

Task presentation

We will send you a task to work on. Show us how you shine and the rockstar that you are!

Final coffee chat & job Offer

You will virtually meet up with the VP of your division to discuss about our company culture and future growth opportunities. Then, we make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best for the role.

Join the Talent Pool

If there is no open position matching your experience, please join our talent pool and be the first one to know about new jobs, relevant updates, job fairs and more!