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Shared Components App vs How to share component schemas

The Shared Components App is build for multi market strategies or 100% matching “parent” and “child” component structures. Once you install the Shared Components in two spaces and enter a parent space id in the space settings you will notice that the child space will no longer have access to components as it will use the components of the parent space with all its configuration and references. That also means that the datasources of your local space will not be accessible by using source “Datasources” instead you would need to choose External JSON for that kind of action as even tho the Components are shared every thing else is completely separated as it would be their own space. Changes on Component Schemas in the parent space will impact all spaces that reference to it.

Share components using CLI

If you want to share components between spaces but still keep the possibility to create custom components and change some of them we would recommend to either use the management API directly or go for our CLI tool. Our Storyblok CLI allows you to pull-components and push-components from a local JSON file with all its configuration. That said, it will not automatically update from one space into another, however that can be part of your deployment setup and pipeline as you can also save versions of your components schemas in your version control tool.