How to join the ambassador program

Anybody can become an ambassador of Storyblok. All we expect is that you care as much about the community as we do and that you share your knowledge. It does not matter if you code tools, write articles, speak on meetups and conferences, or something else. We do not expect you to talk only about Storyblok, but we hope you are excited about the latest trends and upcoming topics related to Web, Vue.js, React.js, JAMstack, Svelte, A11y, API services and so on.

How Do You Join?

There are multiple ways how to join. You can fill out this form with your article idea. You can keep tweeting until we will notice you. You can create a tool for Storyblok and notify us through PR in awesome-storyblok repo. Or talk to us using this form.

Perks of Being an Ambassador

You will be invited to the Ambassadors’ Slack and have direct contact with the Storyblok team. We will ask for your opinion on the next features and give you the privilege to try them before they go live. Nevertheless, we love to support you on the mission to share knowledge with the community. You will receive a Storyblok t-shirt (reach out to Samuel for more details), some stickers, €200 per article that we approve, and help with your travel cost and accommodations in case of the public speaking that includes Storyblok.