How does the Storyblok pricing work?

Storyblok offers a pricing based on users for individual spaces.

After registering for an account at Storyblok you will be able to create multiple Spaces. A space is a content repository. Think of it as a place to keep all the content related to one project. Each space has its own components, datasources, assets, environments, domains, collaborators, and permissions. If you want to launch several websites or apps with different structures, the best way to go is to create a separate space for each project. If you’re only looking for multiple language versions and the components would stay the same you can work with our i18n features.

Depending on your decision of spliting your structure in multiple folders inside your content of one space, or in multiple spaces the pricing will change, since our pricing is per space.

Pricing Example 1: One Space; Multiple Folders

With one space you can directly use the prices on our pricing page and multiple it by the amount of users.

Price = (feature set of space) x (amount of users in space)

that should be able to access the space. We do not charge for multiple folders inside one space, neither do we charge extra for more content entries. Depending on your feature set you can add users to be able to only edit content in specific folders, eg. countries, areas or markets. Users with the Editor role of basic for example do not have that permission field that allows you to restrict access to folders, for this you would need to Advanced Rights and permissions which start with the advanced feature set.

Pricing Example 2: Multiple Spaces

Each space is completely independent from another Space, therefore our pricing with also separate for each of those spaces.

Price = (feature set of space A) x (amount of users in space A)
+ (feature set of space B) x (amount of users in space B)
+ (feature set of space C) x (amount of users in space C)