Can I schedule a publishing event?

You can create a new date field called schedule with the field type date/datetime and than use lt-date and gt-date filter_query to only load scheduled content; You can find the example in our content delivery docs. For a more advanced workflow you can check our content staging feature which allows release bundles and different approval stages.

Content Staging: Release Feature

With the release feature of the Content Staging App you’re able to create multiple releases which can be scheduled independently. Image you want to prepare a specific change on your startpage and release it in three weeks. To do so you can create a release where your changes will life till you schedule them.

Step 1: Creating the release

Creating a new release can be done by clicking on the “+ New Release” button. Next you want to give your release a name so others now what you’re working on. You can also already define the schedule for the release, if you don’t know it yet don’t select a date yet.

New release

Step 2: Edit the entries you want to change

You can now navigate through the current tree of your content and edit the entries you want; You will notice that the Publish button now is called “Schedule” which will publish your changes in this one release and won’t schedule the whole release just now. Since you did not make any changes to your entries, checking “Show only items from this release” will result in no entries being displayed. Once you made your changes you can activate it to see which entries you actually changed.

New release 2

Step 3: Check your changes

Before releasing, scheduling or approval make sure you’ve made your changes. To do so you can now check “Show only items from this release” to see which entries you actually changed. You will also see a badge on the right side of your entries that indicates in how many releases this entry is included with changes.

new release 03

Step 4: Release your changes

After checking your changes or sending an approval, you can now go ahead and either release your current release right now, or choose a scheduling date and time. Once released your changes will override the current published content. Only changed entries will be effected.

Option 1: Choosing a scheduling date

Click on the edit button next to your release name. In the overlay you can than select a date and time for the release.

new release 04

You will see the scheduled date next to the “Release Now” and “Send Approval” buttons with a next like: “Will be released at: 16.1.2019 21:56:00”

Option 2: Release now

Click on release now to release without scheduling. This will bring your current release instantly back to your content stage.

Release now