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Bridge the connection between your SAP ecommerce ecosystem with Storyblok.

The SAP e-commerce platform is an integrated and scalable digital commerce platform that can help users fuel innovation and drive profitable growth.

With the SAP integration, you simply link your SAP e-commerce platform to your Storyblok content.

Through this integration, users can select products directly from their SAP account, effortlessly incorporating them into their Storyblok content. This guarantees a consistent shopping experience for buyers, regardless of the platform where they interact with your products.

How to set up

In the block library, select a block to edit. Add a new field, set the Field Type to Plugin, and set the Custom Type to sb-sap-commerce.

Configure the options:

  • apiUrl (required): This mandatory option should contain the full URL of your SAP API instance. For example
  • baseSite (required): This mandatory option should contain the id of the base site you're willing to fetch the products.
  • limit (optional): Provide a number to this option to limit the number of items the users can select.